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Please tell me

A motorist is driving all healights switched off on a country road. There is no road lighting and no moon. All of a sudden a black-dressed person crosses the road in front of the car. The driver applies the brakes and so doesn't knock the crossing person over.
Please tell me how the driver could know there was someone crossing the road in front of his car.


  • He was certainly blind. So he felt the obstacle with other senses.
  • You're full of imagination, Rike. I hadn't thought that way. Someone else rather narrow-minded had told me it was just daylight. Thank you for broadening my outlook.
  • Do you mean headlights, Sandy?
    After reflecting the problem days and nights, I agree with the rather narrow-minded!
  • Oh yeah, Arcor!
    I hadn't noticed that a 'd' had slipped off my head, leaving me cerebrally challenged. Without that 'd' I was unable to see it was d-light, say, daylight.
  • You have never said that your storie was in day or night..."no moon"
  • As long as I could notice it, duberic, sometimes the moon crosses my sky during the day, even though its shining is less bright. But anyway the moon wasn't shining at all that very day.
  • In two days we'll have an eclipse of the moon, which could be of some interst for you
  • and fourteen days after it, we'll have a solar eclipse, won't we?
  • Oh my God! what astronomers you are!

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