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Please tell me

A motorist is driving all healights switched off on a country road. There is no road lighting and no moon. All of a sudden a black-dressed person crosses the road in front of the car. The driver applies the brakes and so doesn't knock the crossing person over.
Please tell me how the driver could know there was someone crossing the road in front of his car.

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  • Maybe this was all a very lucky coincidence.
    The driver didn't even notice that a pedestrian
    was crossing the road. All of sudden, it came to his mind
    that he had forgotten something at home (he didn't switch
    off the stove) and he braked hard. Divine providence!

    Or it was Batman, driving blindfolded and with
    headlights off to test his new radar system.
    The pedestrian was lucky: It worked!
  • You'd make a good detective story writer, Goy.

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