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making fragrances

I'ld like to learn more about the composition of fragrances and the difference of them.


  • Get in touch with Horatio Oléré, he is second to none as a perfumer.
  • What is second to none?
  • Dear Horatio,

    could you do me a favour and invent a sure fragrance against the midge bites in Scandinavian summer. Next June I like to travel there by motorcycle, but everybody warned me about that nuisance.

    Forgive me the faults, but after some morning-drings you'll treat me with indulgence, I suppose.
    Give my regards to your monkeys. Hopefully they have come to terms with their prison now and are not too often forced to escape and get lost in the firm.
  • And also, Dear Horatio, I would like to know your monkeys better. Perhaps they are squirrel monkeys ?
  • Don't kid yourself, Ugold. Expect to be awaiting Horatio's answer until the end of times. Didn't you notice Horatio could neither read nor write. They call that illiterate. You had better give a phone call to him. Don't fail to roll your r's to make sure being welcome.

    Let's get going to the issue now. I got today a funky Friday that displayed the monkeys on the screen. You should have gotten the same. They seem to be ordinary monkeys, not squirrels ones. Why? Squirrel monkeys should be likely to make a squirrel cage rotating all days long.

    Have a golden Mayday.

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