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How to improve my english

Hello everybody

my first name is Janine;I live in REUNION Island in Indian Ocean near of Mauritius island and Madagascar .
I have been learning trough internet and gymglish for three years now ; but despite of real progress I' d like to improve my english
chatting with people sharing the same hobbies :I love cinema , paintings , jazz , politics ...
I look forward to hearing from you soon
Kindest regards


  • Dear ISLAND Janine.
    I love films and paintings, too, but unfortunately I don't like to discuss them.
    Concerning Jazz I'm only fund of the beginnings, Trad Jazz. For other people it's too boring. Politics are too high for me.
    And I want to send you my regards and wish you all the best, a wonderful weekend full of inspirational encounters, meetings and many nice penfriends.
  • Hi Janine, are you speaking French as native or something else? Anyway, nice to hear from this Paradise Place. I love my hometown Lübeck, Nothern Germany, but ones I visited the Seyshelles and wow! it is still the most beautiful area I've ever seen. I`m working as a musician, loving and performing jazz and classical music. Actually I'm looking forward at my trip to DUBLIN starting in 2 weeks. I hope, that will improve my English and I wish You all the best, lots of love and may be you could manage to send us the summerbreathe and that wonderful *smile* of your place. What kind of movies do you like? My favourite one is SOULKITCHEN (a very funny German film). Hope to hear from you-
    Amicably- )ens

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