English Grammar

4 golden steps

Why must we say: the 4 golden steps to receiving a benefit
and not
the 4 golden steps to receive a benefit?


  • There are 1001 ways to butcher the English grammar rules, espcecially when it comes to the proper use of the Gerund and the Infinitive. But it may also be allowed to raise objections to the butchering of English grammer rules.
    Since I don't want to run the risk of butchering any English grammar rules, I'd better quit.

    Don't ask me why the Infinitiv and the Gerund are used as depicted in the sentences above.
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  • Some nouns can be followed by the infinitive as well as by the gerund: But they need "to" with infinitive or "of/in/for/at" with gerund.
    He had no chance to express his opinion on the matter.

    Is there no chance of their altering their decision.

    The same goes for opportunity of, desire of, hesitation in, intention of, reason for, idea of, pleasur at/in.....
  • Hello Rike,

    this chapter is a very awful one: the choice of infinitive or gerund after a noun.
    Often it depends on the character of the noun:

    Infinitive: The willingness, advice, order, command, permission to resign.

    Gerund: the method, question, problem, objection to your taking a holiday. I think that the four golden steps are part of a method and need a gerund behind them. What do you think about it?

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