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And when did you say the famous French program Frantastique will be available for everybody after that testrun at Delavigne's? I'm ready to start.


  • I heard and read about that program in one of my last GG lessons. Bruno is said to have finally admitted that French is used in US and UK restaurants today and that it would be better, in case you are hungry and lost in the world of menues you had learned some lessons with Frantastique in advance.
  • Please get me informed! Me too, I'd like to subscribe that wonderful French course they were talking about some weeks ago.
  • Hello Everyone ! is now online (beta version)! You can test for FREE:
    Enjoy your french lessons!
  • hello, I'm new on this forum What's Frantastique ? Marie-Claire
  • Hello, Marie-Claire, it is a new program by Gymglish. You can go to "Frantastique Users..." where there is an address for a visit... good luck...
  • Thanks eBrain, I'm going to Frantastique Users

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