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Hi you all, hello, Hallo!

Who can give me some examples of what a soap-opera could be. I know the expression even in German - Seifenoper - but I don't know what it is.


  • Hello Gwendo!!!

    First at all, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Meaning of Soap-opera= a series of television or radio programmes about the lives and problems of a particular group of characters. The series continues over a long period and is broadcast (several times) every week. In spanish we can translate as "telenovela" and in South-America there are a lot of fans of this kind of series.

    Unfortunately, I can´t give you any example because I don´t know what kind of soap-opera is broadcast in your country television´s. But I remember american series as "Falcon Crest", "Dallas" or "Neighbours" (in this australian serie Killye Minogue started as actress).
  • Hello VILLAVERDE !!!

    Thank you for your explication. I only wonder what a soap opera has do do with soap?
    Is it because the texts are so simple that you can do the dishes or the wash (washing) while watching TV.
    Or is it because soap operas can be interrupted everywhere for ad campaigns without a loss of content?

  • Hi Gwendo,

    do you mean, that these kind of operas are a good basis for soap-advertising?
  • I don't know why the word "opera" is showing in the "soap-opera" as it is not at all an opera. It could be somehow derisory due to the matter of that genre which is fit for housewives who are (as you said, Gwendo) doing dishes and ironing in the afternoon.

    It is "soap" because the first American soap-operas were sponsored by soap factories, I mean soap manufacturers such as Colgate, Palmolive and others. The soap-operas are used to being broadcast in the afternoon at a time the soap purchasers are free to watch the telly.

    As a conclusion, let's tell soap-operas aren't be your hobby, Gwendo.
  • Very amusing your historico-cultural discussion of the subject. I've never heard, read such interesting things about Colgate, Palmolive and so on. Thank you for your contribution, Sandy

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