English Vocabulary

Something to drink

Do you know the difference between potion and beverage? Or are they both just but drinks?


  • Holy s**t! For sure I wasn't easy with myself! I was just but a scatterbrain when I expressed reservations about your nice writing, Gwendo. You are speaking quite fluently by now. And you were perfectly right saying that potion and beverage are both just but drinks.

    As the saying goes, I should count to ten before I say anything and think twice before I open my mouth. French say that you should turn your tongue seven times in your mouth before you say anything. The problem is that I save my tongue for "just but" French kisses.

    Sorry, Gwendo.
  • Any potion is a beverage but many beverages are not potions.
    Nevertheless when a dehydrated guy is hearing "o'zapft 's!" and is getting one litre of any Bayerishe Bier, I guess he might take it for a potion.

    Now to follow up on your (CW), Gwendo, I'd like to know if the "just but" in your sentence is not a pleonasm.
    I wouldn't deny the sentence be just, but it leaves me concernced.
    I'd have said: Are they both just drinks?
    or: Are they both nothing but drinks?

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