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J'apprécie beaucoup gymglish mais je trouve qu'il y a trop de leçons sans texte à écouter mais seulement à lire.
Pour moi,dont le probléme principal est la compréhension orale, c'est dommage.
D'autre part, avez vous prévu une possibilité de faire parler vos éléves ?


  • In ENGLISH please Pierre! :)
  • We should have more audio lessons. My diffuculty in English is to understand more easily the oral conversation.

  • I agree with you Pierre and Donald. Much more audios. I'm happy when I find audios in my daily Gymglish.
  • Yes, me too, and I don't like radio rhubarb too much, I prefer Delavigne stories...
  • I love audios in my daily Gimglish! :-)
  • Sometimes I must listen three or four times the audio lesson to understand it. Perhaps the number of times we have to listen to understand theses audio lessons could be a good indicator of our "audio" level.
  • Me too ! especially when we have to find out some special words said in the audio.
  • Hi,
    I do agree with all your remarks especialy about the number of times we have to listen before understanding the audios!!!

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