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Rosh Hashana

Help! What is Rosh Hashana?
cockroach, is it an insect or a feeling?
Term paper?
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  • That's what is it supposed to. Most recently I have subscribed to "The New Yorker" and "The Spectator" and I guess it runs off on me. And with a little support from the spellchecker in the eminent 'OpenOffice Writer' I'm even able to get rid of all typos and misspellings.
  • Hebrew School and the Illumination of the Workstation

    Well, AhQ, I didn't flunk out of Hebrew School, simply because I've never attended it. So when it comes to the exact time-line and work-flow of 'Creation', we both should consider consulting our Rabbi again. Alternatively, the local Christian parish priest will also do the trick, because both religious persuasions
    share the same, flattering depiction about how the world in general and mankind in particular hatched out of their eggshell, referred to as 'Genesis'.

    As biblical story tells, the 'light' was invented by the Lord only after he had created Heaven and Earth, all on the first day. It had a practical cause that stands to reason. Since the great inventor couldn't see what he had been working on and couldn't admire what he had brought into being a few hours ago, he had to switch on the light, but obviously it was already too late. We can be right in assuming that this the reason why Earth is not a perfect sphere, but rather a flattened potato.

    That in turn might lead us to the conclusion that in primeval times God was not yet a proficient craftsman or artist. On that note it is worth mentioning that the first lesson an apprentice in crafts or arts learns it that he (or she) has to illuminate his (or her) workstation before he (or she) can start to work decently and expect satisfactory results. God was an inveterate self-taught artist and still had to practice.

    My apologies to anybody who might feel offended in his (or her) religious feelings. Neither do I mean to commit a sacrilege nor do I intend a mockery of any venerable Christian or Jewish tenet. On the other hand, the details of 'Creation' depicted in the script and expounded by some religious zealots is a bitter swill to swallow even for any second-rate astrophysicist.

    I am a admirer of life. Hence, scientific enlightenment is one, precious thing, but putting my life into jeopardy for scientific progress is another. „Thank God“ (I'm not sure about this) stakes and inquisition have been abolished some centuries ago, at least in Europe.

    I apologize in advance for this slightly disrespectful comment about the Semitic view on the wellspring of mankind. I don't want to make any final judgements, as I myself was born into the Catholic persuasion.
  • You'll find more information here:

  • Rosh Ha Shanah (lit. head of the year) is the Jewish New Year, the start of the civil year in the Hebreu calendar. In 2010 it will begin on Thursday the 9th of September and will go on the following two days.
    Rosh Ha Shana commemorates the creation of mankind whereas the creation of the universe dates 5 days ago.
  • I am flabbergasted.
  • Thank you, Freddie. Now I know why the GG lessons are delivered 5 days out of 7. Why not 5 out of 6, or 5 out of 10?
    Whose fault is it? It is fault of that people celebrating Rosh Hashanah. Four thousand-something years ago that people of 7 tribes had 3 features that would have as a result that we get lessons 5 days in 7.
    1st feature: they had invented an 'alephbeth', signs that we nowadays call letters.
    2d feature: they had myths. Their myths were jotted down thanks to their writing.
    3d feature: they were keen on some figures, namely 7. For ewample, it was said they had been heading to the West to find food on the thriving banks of river Nile. But they were made slaves by the Pharaon and they had to endure a 7-year slavery, living the 7 plagues of Egypt.
    The story of their myths started with their version of the big bang, I mean when the One got Multiple by inventing the Word. He said "Light" on the 1st day (that later became the Sunday); the 2d day, was said "Water"; the 3d, "Land"; the 4th, "Plants"; the 5th 'Animals'; the 6th, the lord (his real name was taboo) played with a clod of clay and gave it a shape, then said "Adam!". Everything was wrapped up with the creation of mankind, but for our 7 tribes, a series of 6 days couldn't suffice. So they invented a 7th day when nothing was done (their Shabbat).
    That the reason why we get GG lessons 5 days out of 7.
    Is it good? Is it bad? It's up to you to make up your mind about that wretched 7 tribes.

    If a day is an astronomic unit of time, what about the 7-day week? Just think the 7 Hebrew tribes had plenty of time to stare at the moon whose phases lasted more or less 7 days.

    Thank you Sophie, Freddie, Willy.

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