English Vocabulary

A flat fee and a flat rate

Are these two words expressing the same meaning?


  • A flat rate fits for a fixed price, (going for a flat rate "of price" implied).
    Ex. Every letters are sent at flat postal rates. (that's untrue, hey!)

    A flat fee fits for a fixed rate of fees.
    Ex. Flat landing fees for light aircrafts.

    Let's suppose fee rates are at stake, for sure you might say either way: flat fee or flat rate. But rates are not always rates of fees. Rates are sometimes rates of something other than fees, for instance prices or assessments. So I guess it's a matter of context.
    Just my own opinion. It should be checked further.
  • This subject of money, fees and rates is always very complicated! Thanks for your confusing explications, you did your best for it.

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