English Vocabulary

Would you care to dance

Would you care to dance
would you like to dance.
Do they have the same meaning?


  • I'll say YEAH!
    Yeah Svenja, I'd like to dance with you but I don't much care for a java. Would you care for a hip-hop? How does that grab you, Svenja?
  • I adore the three-quarter-time.
  • I get a kick for it, Svenja. Say, next Saturday at the corner nightclub. See that you wear a tuft level skirt.
  • Sorry but I'm no tuft duck!
  • So my once in a life time blind date was a flop. I went to the corner nightclub but Svenja was to leave me high and dry. Most dancers were rather keen on hard rock but I managed so that the DJ throw a waltz just for me and my missing partner. I whirled round alone for a wild while with a deep thought for Svenja. We could have shared a Saturday night fever. But never mind, it's the way things go.
  • Recall this proverb, AhQ: Between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.
  • Do you mean, Sandy, that I could be waiting for you to dance a three-quarter-beats?
  • Fine by me, AhQ. But there is a snag. Michael, my idol, never sang anything on a three-four time. I might not be up to that rythm.
  • Never mind, Sandy. With a tuft or without a tuft (should you have shaved it), in a short skirt or a long gown, in dark glasses or with a straight look, short or tall, slim or fat, robin or duck, it doesn't matter. The whirl should make both of us feel dizzy.
    Au premier temps de la valse, seule tu souris déjà
    Au premier temps de la valse, je suis seul et je t'aperçois
    Au deuxième temps de la valse... tu es dans mes bras
    Thank you Jacques for the thousand beats of your waltz.
    That's it.
    At the first beat of the waltz, you are smiling alone yet, Sandy
    At the first beat of the waltz, I'm alone and I catch sight or you
    At the second beat of the waltz, I hug you im my arms
    The snag is Sandy, that at that very moment I could think of Svenja...
    What does it matter, Sandy!
    For you to be 20
    and me to be 20
    stick to Brel for a moment
    you'll be back to Michael afterwards.
    As you said, Sandy, between the wish and the thing life lies waiting.

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