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pronounciation examples

Dear Gymglish team,

first of all: congratulations to your new techniques, it's very comfortable and easy now to hear the pronounciation examples after pressing the button. But what I would like to suggest is to hear only the english form to repeat it many times and not automatically but on demand the american form, if it were possible.



  • Hello Gwendo,
    I follow up your CW by this friendly CS.
    pronunciation (the O of the nOun has slipped away)
    English and American are adjectives that are fond of initial uppercase.
    Wish you sun as it is Sunday.
  • Thanks to you kindly observant Scottish mate for your friendly corrections!
    Sun is gone,
    snow has come.
    Wish you a happy snow- weekend!
  • I would have written it wrongly, too , if I had written the same article.
    'pronunciation' - but 'to pronounce' - quite astonishing if you're not used to it, isn't it?

    Anxway, I've learned something - thanks a bunch.
  • Anxway...a typo anyway.
  • hello.
    how are you?
  • Hi parkoo01,

    Thank, I'm fine!
    How are you?
  • Hi,
    I am new comer. And It is to share my appreciation for the Gymgish.
    Second, though i am better in writting articles, i am not good at speaking. How can i improve that? anybody can help? thanks
  • Hi Gwendo,

    In response to your initial comment, we at GymGlish use American spelling as standard, but we also want to make people aware that there are often various possible ways of pronouncing a word. That is why we always give both American and English pronunciation in examples.

    I hope this helps!
  • Thanks vor your answer S GG!

    But sorry, no it doesn't help. What I wanted to say is that I need many repeats, repetition, to get the good pronounciation. If one version English or American, is suddenly followed by the other one I confound them. Of course I need both of them, the American and the English example, but to work it out, I woulf prefere they were separate.
    I hope I could make it clear.

    Sincerely Yours,

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