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pronounciation examples

Dear Gymglish team,

first of all: congratulations to your new techniques, it's very comfortable and easy now to hear the pronounciation examples after pressing the button. But what I would like to suggest is to hear only the english form to repeat it many times and not automatically but on demand the american form, if it were possible.


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  • Hi Gee,
    thanks for your comment and your correction.
    Of course I'm fully satisfied by reading your tricky instructions but not by carrying them out. My mouse isn't intelligent enough, it doesn't work.
  • Hello Gwendo,

    Nice to read you. It's been long since we did.
    I am so bold as to interfere in your discussion with Sam GymGlish. I hope I won't prevent him from writing a follow-up to your remark about the awkwardness you feel with the process of giving pronunciation.

    What I want to tell is that I don't share your opinion.
    If the ways of uttering the word were given separately, I mean far away from each other, I think that in some cases we couldn't catch so accurately the difference between the English and the American way.
    How to proceed?
    First listen to one of the two pronunciations. Right away use your mouse to make the word said several times in a row. That's what I call the squirrel cage practice.
    Thereafter switch to the second way of telling the word and do likewise.
    Then you're free to listen to the one after the other to make them out.

    I wish that sooner or later you got satisfied with that matter.

    [CS : proNUNciation - you would prefer]

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