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discharge before disconnecting

Please help me to understand my i-pod. What does he want me to tell by this order?



  • You said: Please help me to understand my i-pod. What does HE (!) want me to tell by this order?
    I guess it doesn't want you to tell anything, Gwendo.
    It tells you should discharge before you disconnect.
    But is your i-pod really your lord, Gwendo, that you have to get orders from it?
    Even though I'm not quite a female yet, I claim to be a female freedom fighter.
  • Kidding apart, I cannot help at all because I don't use an i-pod. I know a boy who is 12 and has an i-pod. He told me that you probably were charging your i-pod via your computer through a USB port. It seems better not disconnecting from the computer until the battery is fully charged. But about the order "discharge before disconnecting", he couldn't tell me anything.
    Let's hope one of the so many i-pod users here around the Gymglish is about to help you.
  • Well, Gwendo, are you now used to discharging before disconnecting? As I told you, I can't help as I am lagging behind with IT. Sometimes I even wonder whether I shouldn't start thinking twice about all that jazz.

    Did you hear that in a few months the GymGlish lessons won't be longer available on a dumb PC unless you practice cloud computing?
    Fortunately you, Gwendo, are yet made familiar with topnotch technologies, such as iPod - maybe Apps for cloud computing?

    Anyway it's high time we all switched to the iPad of Apple. It's smaller than an iMac, it plays iTunes songs like an iPod, e-mails and plays GG podcasts as an iPhone. That's what I learned in the latest breaking news. But... iDontgetit.

    (Luckovitch kept me posted! Do you know about Luckovitch, Gwendo? Otherwise you had better do.)
  • Thanks so much for your efforts AhQ on that subject. Normally I can rely on my sister and his friend who is studying IT. But in that case we were all helpless (or: we all were helpless) and we quaked with fear while disconnecting the i-pod, not knowing whether all the songs would be lost, because of our mis-understandig or non-understanding of the above mentioned sentence: Discharge before disconnecting.They were not! Elhamd├╝llillah!

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