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Gymglish does away with Buckingham Palace guards

When I see a "Bobby" and a businessman in a red British telephone booth, let along
"Big Ben" as a teaser for an English course, a subtle queasy feeling creeps up on me.
Quite frankly, I'm tired of these illustrations along with millions of other English students,
who have been haunted by them in English school books for generations. We were confronted
with lashings of "umbrellas and bowlers", Union Jacks, business man standing dutifully in queue
at the bus stop, friendly Bobbies and stern Buckingham Palace guards. Over the years these
images have become more and more an intimidating apparition.

Besides, it shows a distinct sign of a lack of ingenuity and imagination when every second
English course adorns its book covers and web pages with these pictures over again and again.
Boring and snoring - that's all what comes to my mind whenever I see them - and I'm more
deterred and put off than motivated to step in. What's the intention behind it when a provider of
an English course employs these shopwworn, hackneyed symbols? Do they really want to imply:
"You can learn Englisch here, not Suaheli"?. Thanks a bunch! I would never have guessed.
And alas -quite often- the content is as unimaginative and commonplace as the wrapping itself.

Also in this regard GymGlish is different. Again, I'm more than inclined to give three cheers to


  • Wow! It was about time that someone pointed that out! And how superbly it is said! Congratulations, Goy.
  • Thanks a lot, AhQ. My verbose outbreak had a real occasion. After I had subscribed to another online English course in addition to GymGlish, I was confronted with the same mentioned symbols again, conjuring up haunting school memories of my English class I had been successfully surpressing for quite a long time. More to the point, whereas the other course has already begun to bore me after some weeks, GymGlish still excites me even after more than a year.

    That's proves again how different GymGlish is in the positive meaning of the word.
  • Thanks for all the positive feedback! I've passed your kind comments on to the GymGlish illustrator :)
  • Oh, and it looks like Jean Marron has picked up on your post on the Delavigne Corporation blog: ;)
  • Thanks, Hannah. It was a pleasure to write the comment for GymGlish.

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