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About Sigourney Weevil

I don't agree with this answer " This is the first time Bruno is meeting Sigourney Weevil." (lesson 04/02/2010) He has already met her in "Delavigne Dodges Balls".


  • It's good that you put things right about diaries, schedules and timetables, mimislv. You are a smart "stories traffic controller".
    Just don't be a mimi-slave-of-controls.
  • Don't forget, mimi, that Sigourney is nothing of a weaver but just a weevil, rhyming with evil. Have you ever seen a weevil, mimi? That's a kind of being quite able to dodge the most courteous invitation of a handsome gentleman at a Delavigne dancing party. On your own February 4th, it was possible that Bruno met Sigourney for the first time, because on the Delavigne Dodges Balls he couldn't catch sight of her in the crowd. Weevils are second to none in the art of going unnoticed.
    Anyway you had better write a note to the GymGlish team to make things clear.
    Keep us posted, mimi.

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