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a little grammar with 'do'

Yesterday, I found in the gymglish lesson this sentence : "I do find a man in glasses very attractive."

'I do find' is a strange construction. Why did Ruby Delaware use this ?

Thanks for your help.


  • 'I do find' instead of 'I find' is a way to emphasize the statement.
    'do' may be used to form emphatic present and past tenses.

    - Smoking spoils health.
    - I know, but I do smoke. And I do want to have a smoke right now.

    - Do tell me. You didn't come this morning?
    - I did come but you weren't there.

    Hope this will help, exclamatory buddy.
  • You might as well stick a do-do-do between your exclamation marks, D!d!er. Go singing:
    Men in glasses? I do!do! find them so attractive.
    C U in your heyday!do!do!day!
    (No harm intended, hey, D!d!er. It's just to be sung.)

    Now, in all seriousness, your tip was worth it. And Makenzie is second to none at fixing grammar issues.
  • @ Makenzie : Thanks a lot for that explanation.

    @ Sandy : no harm at all : I'm already in my heyday !
  • very good explanation.....thanks
  • garammer is very tough in english how we can do easy and remember all the disctionary in very fast kindly help me to improve my english grammer. i tring to leran vocab every day every words but did not get success.can you help in this disrection and how you can help me please suggest me and write me .

  • There isn't an easy way 4 grammar. I agree with you it's a stiff slope in every language. French grammar especially.It's a science, a lot of rules to write in our Memory.
    Don't try to get it as it will come to you alongside the lessons or your readings. Don't forget to throw an eye at your Workbook as often as you can.
    Good luck
  • Who is Ruby Delaware anyway ?
    She's 1st quoted in my last lesson Delavigne Love Connection and Cheeter seems to know her...
    Did they meet in  a Funky Friday ?
  • I think it is correct.

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