English Grammar

why is it wrong?

grammar exercice "Susy loves travelling,she (to go) abroad every winter"
The answer was "she goes abroad..." clear and plain!
I wrote "She is used to going abroad..." It's wrong! WHY??


  • As Suzy loves travelling, she goes abroad every winter.
    The present simple puts it plain and clear that Suzy is in the habit of going abroad every winter.

    You are of course entitled to insist on the habit and say "she is used to going". But don't forget you are in touch with a robot that is not as flexible as you are, you super-clever-clog.
    The computer is programmed to exclusively deal with the present simple of the verb in brackets (to go).

    Don't worry, super-clever-clog, your English seems to be a stand out.
  • I probably have the same problem as Supernul.

    I would prefer that Gymglish would modify the program each time someone uses a correct form which hasn't been taken into consideration by the robot, especially when the student points at it.


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