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Hello, I want to get the translations as synonyms and the grammar explanations only in english, do I? Is there anyone else who likes this so?
Greetings from Dresden Capablance.

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  • Yo, Bro,
    No gender reassignment needed, I coulda needed it before but now that I experienced it, I ain't puzzled any more about it.
    See ya.
    Yar sis in the GymGlish Morning Star
  • Ya, ya, ya, my Lord, Thanks for your answer. So, in the monolingual version, exclamations marks from any languages are turned into English exclamation marks. That's groovy. And what about other punctuation marks? Does the French esperluette turn ampersand? It couldn't be a 'mutanda' since you don't want words ending with an a be female.
    It must be said, my Lord, that you named yourself capablancE on February the 20th of this very year as you started this thread. That's why Sandy was puzzled facing two different names for an only one lord.

    About dictionaries I must say I am of the same mind of you even though I don't hover by your side overhead our natural place where I have been staying and rotting since nine-something months before my birth.

    Nota bene, Capablanca, that the last punctuation mark of my note, coming after the word 'place', is not a spot but a stop.
    It's an actually English one, an English full stop as you seem getting some in your monolingual versions of GymGlish.
    Be not that English full stop a conversation stopper.
  • Greetings Lord Capablanca,

    I'd like to know how it goes with the monolingual version of the GymGlish. Are translations as they exist in bilingual versions turned into definitions? Or is it a completely different way of teaching?

    Best regards,
  • Last message: 3rd line from the bottom. Please apply correction: Come back so THAT this forum gotta baraka.
  • To José Raúl

    Yo, Bro,
    Whatcha do? Are ya cross? Or hav'ya been embedded in that other dimension where nothing is as it seems as the Funky Friday was likely to turn you down? (What a damned limping sentence, hey!) You might have been taken aback as I called ya “bro”. If so, I woulda been fond of shooting off my mouth a blessing word.

    Although the Funky Friday put everything upside down and any left wing right, I stood all the day long raising a long-long-long-lasting outcry as I kept eying this thread … desperately.

    I wanna bother ya, Bro, but I gotta get ashamed of the loads of mistakes dispersed through my last message to ya. There were a lot of slips of the pen: “… your name is nearly the same OF, instead of 'as'...”; appearances are deceptive with a damned S ending the adjective!!!; and so forth!! Gosh! What a wretched writer I was. Now, Bro, I guess ya shoulda been vexed by my bad speech, ya whose words are nothing but poetics. I know ya coulda come up with a zinger for all that bad things. I confess I woulda deserved it. Watcha think I could do? Ask Whacky to come and correct me? I couldn't dare it. I fear he is disgusted by my slummy way of speaking. I would just get a big whack. So I hope ya twig why I've no more leg to stand on.

    Be understanding, Bro. Come back and say A word. Cos there ain't any bud of your stuff, never seen anywhere anytime. Come back so as this forum gotta baraka.

    y'r sis in the GymGlish morning star.
  • To my Bro in GG José Raúl, aka the most awesomest scatty brainiac (sic)

    Hello Bro,

    What's the dilly-o, Bro? Why the hell am I calling ya Bro? Ya know many hard believers say they're brothers in JC. Why shoudn't we be bros and sis in GG? Ya know all our buds are in love with the GG. We're like a family of bros and sis and I expect ya gotta soon be the closest squeeze of the whole army of GGbudies.

    Now Bro, when I read ya earlier I gotta be puzzled a lot. I was facing a tough nook, Bro. You said you were capablance or capablanca. That word sounded to my ears as the "blanca casas" on the hill of Sidi Bou Saïd or - why not - Casablanca. And the cape made me more think of a cloak than the Capelinhos.
    Moreover, Bro, in Roman languages an -a-ending word is most often female.
    But, as my English mother would say "Appearances are deceptives" what a Yankee form the GGstaff would translate as "appearances are deceiving". It's six of one and half an dozen of the other.

    Now everyone knows you are covered with hairs all over you body, buddy, and that your name José Raúl is nearly the same of José Manuel (I mean the Barroso), I dare to bet you are coming, if not from Porto, at least from that country that has had Porto as its entry port for ages.
    The clue that was there obviously shining from the start is that you wanted to get a monolingual GymGlish for neither the German of your hosting country, nor the Spanish of your former border country, could suit ya.

    As ya see, Bro, we need ya to tell us more about ya hairy body and y'r airy-fairy brainy panoply.
    Now, Bro, every bud and lass here down this forum looks forward to hearing ya sneeze in English with a loud atishoo so that they can catch your say.

    See ya!
    Sandy, your sis of the GymGlish morning star.
  • Holy smoka! That's the chapman in ya, Capablanca !!!
    I gotta falsa! That's notha to go bananas.
    Hiya José Raul the risen Lord with a blanca capa, ha-ha!
    Thank ya for telling what ya'va in your pants.
    Slap me some skin, homie!
    Your naive fool,
  • Oh snap, I've mixed up something. But that can happen to anybody. Try, try again that's all you need. So, explanation would have been better. Be honestly, I never memorize vocabluary, no matter if multi or culti, or if mono or stereo. Such easy things are beneath me. It's all right as long as you're happy. And the monolingual GG-version makes me very happy.
    I'm inspired with awe
    Lord Capablanca the Weak-kneed
  • Now, Bro, I guess ya shoulda been vexed by my bad speech, ya whose words are nothing but poetics. I know ya coulda come up with a zinger for all that bad things.

    Watcha Sandy,
    I'm not shirty with you at all, lass. Ou contraire, I'd like to listen to your yackety-yack. But writer's block has overwhelmed me at the moment. I've had just a chat with Francisco José de GoyA about our gender reassignment. He can't rename himself the GoyE because his cartoons are getting worthless afterwards. The next world wide crunch would be inevitable then. And I can't stand to be named the CapablancE. But we weren't lazy lately. We've founded the movement "Make the 'A' masculine". Alack sis, it’s all turned into a bit of a nightmare though. We didn't consider the русские. All of a sudden тамарA cropped up with some real zingers, better say some A-missiles. The heck with it. But A is accompanied by B! My theurgy still has been lulled her to sleep at first.
    TTFN Sis,
    Lord CapablancA the Indomitable

    Dear Sire AhQ,
    nothing has changed. The exclamtions are just in English now. I warmly recommend using pure English dictionaries. It's only a matter of habit.
    I remain respectfully yours,
    Lord CapablancA the Supernatural
  • Ace, chum!
    But nix capa, nix blanca, nix, ha, ha, ha...
    My body is totally hairy,
    and my mind airy-fairy.
    Trulls scream themself silly
    cos never seeing my little willy.
    José Raúl Capablanca, the most awesomest scatty brainiac

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