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Hello, I want to get the translations as synonyms and the grammar explanations only in english, do I? Is there anyone else who likes this so?
Greetings from Dresden Capablance.

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  • Hello, Joe, you look sick, indeed ! Have a drink of hot wine with honey, it will help you recover! cheers
  • I had a mate 30 years ago; she always said "oh wie süss" could say so about your slang dialogs?
  • Sandy shoulda enunciated an abracadabra to make her fella capablanca utter a worda.
    Gotta struck dumb, capablanca?
  • lighted torch, bro? Don't ya mean enlighted lunatic?
    We love ya, bro.
  • For real sis? No transforming. Amaaaaaazingly!!!! Let's go!
    “You shake my nerves and you rattle my brains, too much love drives a man insane, you broke my will but what a thrill, goodness gracious great balls of fire hooooo!!!!”
    Oh bugger! My board is on fire....
    Lord Capablanca the lighted torch

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