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bottoms up

What means: "bottoms up".
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  • bottom up: the boat was floating bottom up, when the boat has capsized

    bottoms up: informal expression used for good wishes, when drinking alcohol or to tell sb to finish their drink (Ex! Down the hetch).

    bottom-up, adj.: starting a project with details and later moving on to more general principles.
  • Bottoms up - a slang term for when you finish your drink and refers to the bottom of your glass going to an "upward" position as you raise it to swallow (unless you are drinking through a straw lol)
  • Thank you, as you said this expression is used for good wishes.Could you please write some examples of using this expression in the sentences?
  • I think it's only used to express good wishes during the alcohol drinking.
  • "Bottoms up" not so much an expression of well-wishing really so much as it is a friendly request for everyone to finish their drinks or to at least have a sip of their drink with the person saying it.

    You can say you worked on a project or job from the bottom-up, but most usually say 'from the ground up'.
  • is "upside down and bottom up" the right expression to say that you read a text on a screen from the beginning to the end and then from the end to the beginning ? (just like in this topic !)
  • From top to bottom then from bottom to top..
  • I understand you from the bottom up, i.e completely and thoroughly.

    and above all :
    have a nice christmas party and don't forget : "bottom up" !
  • In French I would translate it "Cul sec"!

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