English Vocabulary

support - confirmation

I need confirmation in writing!

Does that above sentence suit when I want to say: I'm writing a novel, a poem, and I need some help or I want to be validated?



  • Up until now I had heard "confirmation in writing" for a written confirmation of something that had been settled orally. I may ask confirmation in writing for a purchase, a booking and whatever else that had been dealt without any paperwork.

    To get confirmation, validation of the text of your poem or novel, why not say: I need a proofreading of my work!

    Looking for support, I for one would hire a ghost writer because I am bone-idle.

    Anyway, Gwendo, don't fail to let us know when your work gets released.

  • Oh I see, AhQ! Written confirmation doesn't suit in that case.
    Then it will last decades till you can see my work at the book fair. Till now I haven't even got the first line.
  • I would recommend a poem, which don't have to
    be long to be fit for publishing. Always bear
    in mind that the shortet poem ever written and
    published is:

    "Oh, wet pet!"

    (an ode to a goldfish by Gyles Brandreth)

    It's not much of a work, neither for the author either for the
  • But I like working much, although it's a very nice poem, even shorter than a Haiku, the undenied shortest form of a poem:
    old pond...
    a frog leaps
    in water's sound
    (cited from wikipedia.org)

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