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legitimate- legal, allowed, justifiable, valid, acceptable, resonable...

Dear all! Hi to my GG-classmates!

Guiseppe, one of Horatio's monkeys, has escaped. And Bruno's reaction was:

This is a legitimate business not a zoo.

And when the GG Computer translates "legitimate" to the German word "legitimiert", that's of no great help!

What does the sentence mean?


  • It's perfectly legitimate that you claim explanation, Randolphe.
    The term legitimate has got various meanings according to the context: lawful,legal; valid,justified,entitled; serious; etc.

    The expression -legitimate business- usually refers to a business run in compliance with the law; not with illegal or undeclared workers.
    But here Bruno puts two items against one another: legitimate business against zoo. That brings me to think that legitimate business here rather means a serious business, not a mess. In the same way English would say that la Comédie française only performs legitimate plays, not burlesque, humorist or musical shows, vaudeville, etc.
    Therefore I for one would take the sentence this way:
    This is a serious business, not a zoo.
    This is a respectable business, not a zoo.

    How does that catch you, Randolphe?
  • Hallo Sandy,

    you've convinced me! A serious and respectable business! Okay

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