English Grammar

3 last questions of love connection 8

this isn't grammar but wicked and vicious questions to disgust and to discourage students


  • And the 2 remaining questions after the first one where are they?
  • and where are the questions?
  • this isn't grammar but wicked and vicious questions to disgust and to discourage students
  • Dear DÆ°Æ¡ng Đỗ Hùng,

    You are an angel.
    So you needn't to understand.
    More to the point you probably don't know what an angel is. It's a spiritual being invented as a by-product by religions derived from the Jewish Faith.

    I'll tell you more tomorrow. I have to get going now.
  • Poor loving Sandy,
    There is no love connection at all. Tatou's raving, wild-eyed by shooting himself up, to the point he cannnot start writing his name by the right end to save his life. Tatou is a fan of the Delavigne's telly face Ivana Bümbüm.
    As reported in my Gymglish lessons of late, Ivana Bümbüm has been showing up in Delavigne's TV commercials taking cocaine. Susie, who is charge of the marketing department, used that addiction of Ivana to enhance the young's confidence in Delavigne.
    Susie knows that by pretending helping Ivana by a rehab process, she will in fact addict people to the Delavigne products.
    Just as the Dutch governement did by legalizing cannabis with the intention of diverting people from cocaine and marijuana. The result was the opposite. For example, in my Euroregio, the city of Maastricht has come to be a hub for drugs market. A lot of drug shops are flourishing in the city and tourists from France, Belgium and Germany rush there to buy any kinds of drug.
    What can we expect about the Delavigne? Thanks to the marketing policy implemented by Susie, the Delavigne Corp is to turn a cartel among others in the French connection. And we are to see the monkeys shooting up one another in the Horatio's lab.
    Don't make love, Sandy. That's outdated. Have a shoot.
  • Be it the French connection, the Delavigne connection or whatever else connection, how is it like to make love with a rascal?

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