English Vocabulary

translation wanted

Hi your helpful classmates all over the world,

what's your proposal to translate:

67 points as of 3:20 pm?

Thanks in advance!


  • Hi Norman, I haven't the faintest idea of what you mean by your question. Please give some more contextual exlication.
  • French translation: 67 points depuis 15h20.

    as of = as from / or 'at' or 'on'
    Ivanna Bümbüm got the bounce as of March 1. (she got fired on March 1 /or/ she got fired from March 1, i.e. her contract terminated on March 1.)
    Our basketball team scored 67 points as for 3:20 pm. (since 3:20 pm it has collected 67 points.)

    About the future, 'as for' can mean 'until a given time'
    As for tomorrow we won't pick up any phone call for strike reason.

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