English Vocabulary

release - launch

Do we release a film or do we launch it?


  • Hello Gwendo,

    to launch means making available a product to the public for the first time, e.g. a movie, a book, a perfume.
    If you release sth. you make it available too, but perhaps it's not so important whether it's the first time or not.
  • I think a film has its premiere (for an invited or limited audience) and then it's released (for everyone to see); albums and music are released too, unless there's a party or event to celebrate the release, and then that's called a launch. Products and new business activities are launched. That's as much as I remember from my days in the movie business...
  • Hi,
    all together!
    The Germans are just launching the new Harry Potter Movie since a Vatikan court's released it last week.
    But what about this?
    Bollywood, not Hollywood will bring out the new Harry Potter.
    Is the new Harry Potter out yet?
    The French've got the new Harry Potter Movie out since last week.
    Please get back to me whether I was correct.

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