The Delavigne Corporation

Cues mouthed on Delavigne premises

Icarus: Luna, my mother thinks I am a chicken.
Luna: Why the hell didn't you tell me that sooner?
Icarus: We needed the eggs.

Three days later:
Icarus: Philip, I feel like a dog.
Philip: Sit!

Three days thereafter:
Icarus: Luna, I can't help seeing spots in front of my eyes.
Luna: Have you seen an optician, Icarus?
Icarus: No, just spots.

The week after:
Icarus: Philip, all night long I kept thinking I was a caterpillar.
Philip: Don't worry. You'll soon change.


  • Two cats were sleeping on a wall outside the Delavigne premises.
    All of a sudden one cat started barking.
    What's up? shouted the second cat.
    I'm learning another language, replied the first cat, and Stink is my teacher.

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