English Vocabulary

to look up

Horatio has been looked up in his laboratory for over 48 years,...why "looked up" and not "looking up"?
What is here the meaning of "look up"? (hire or invite)


  • Sorry, I've lost my glasses - Horatio has been locked up not looked up.
  • Hi! I think it's a passive form: you can also say:
    " Somebody has locked up Horatio"
  • If Horatio has been locked up in his lab for over 48 years, - a mere half-century! - he must be half-dead.
    Who locked him up for so long? A white-cloaked girl?
    Who left him locked up for 48 years? A girl in curly locks singing a ballad while having a balade around the lab?
  • No, not an irish redhead girl with curly locks has been locked him up. It was Bill Gates, when he was a poor, pure fellow. Horatio has had to find out a fragrance against odour marks since unclosed Windows!
    Poor, pure Horatio, you will never carry out it.

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