English Grammar

new student

Bonjour tout le monde, je suis Clo


  • Hello Clo!
    What do you mean, Clo, by saying "bon jour tout le monde"?
  • Hello Clo.
    What has "bonjour tout le monde" to do with an English grammar topic?
    I guess that this foreign language name used for greeting could be taken for a high-class behaviour in some Londoner milieu.
    Les clodos diraient "Hi peeps! I'm Clo."
    Don't you think so?
  • Hello every body!
    Hello Clo, I am a new student too.

    Perhaps you are French. I am Vietnamese.I want to say hello with my friend by my language but not have any Topic for others language.
  • hi every body, im Vietnamese too,
    i want to make friend with all of you.
  • Hi Đức Nam !
    It's very glad see you. Where do you live in Viet nam? I live in HCM City and in this April I going to Hai Phong. How long time you have been learnt at this site ?
  • I wrote wrong this question : How long time you have been learnt at this site ?

    The corect question : How long have you learnt at this site ?

    Is it?
  • Hi. I don't speak English very well. Can you help me please! Thanks!
  • hi
    my name is Javier
  • hi, I'm Vietnamese too

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