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Clever clogs

"Well done, clever clogs"

Such comment from my GYMGLISH teacher as a first assessment of my work, is humorously priceless. But what does it mean, knowing that "clog" means "sabot" ?


  • They call 'clever clogs' someone who is ostentatiously knowledgeable.
    As a synonym, there is 'know-it-all'.

    A clog is not only a wooden shoe. As first meaning, it is something that hinders. I guess that the idiomatic expression comes from the idea of someone who is clever but likes to show a bit too much their knowledge.

    Don't worry, Cornille, as you guessed, they were teasing you. For sure, you scored the 100%.
  • Thanks for teasing ! I'm turning out to be Gymglish addicted
  • je me suis posée la mm question lorsque le fabuleux 100 est sorti pour la 1ère fois, mais je n'ai pas cherché plus loin que le "sabot intelligent", pensant à un idiomatique encore inconnu pour moi.
    Merci à Cornille d'avoir été plus pugnace.... je sais maintenant que "clever clogs" c'est une sorte de "m'as tu vu"... donc, on reste modeste !
  • what the antonym of "clever clogs" is ?

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