English Grammar

I have taught english to prisoners...

"I have taught english to prisoners for the last seven years"
Which translation is the correct one :

1-"J'enseigne l'anglais à des prisonniers depuis sept ans". Mais THE LAST seven years" passe à la trappe, devient implicite.

Ou bien
2-"J'ai enseigné l'anglais à des prisonniers pendant les sept dernières années."

Question de contexte ?


  • Si vous avez enseigné l'anglais depuis 7 ans, Cornille, c'est implicitement bien les 7 dernières années. So nothing gets whisked away (passé à la trappe).

    You have taught English to prisoners for the last seven years.
    (Mind the capital E)
    In English, by using the present perfect (have taught) you mean that what is said is both "present" and "perfect". Speaking so you mean that you have taught for 7 years but you are still teaching by now.
    That's why you could as well say: I have taught English to prisoners for seven years (without specifying 'the last').

    Let's supppose you recently stopped teaching, you should say that you taught English for the last seven years. (Action is over, finished => simple past 'taught')

    Keep up the good work, Cornille, by such a commendable task.

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