The Delavigne Corporation

Miss Suzan Bliss

we, at the office are amaized by Miss S Bliss' talent (and her so sexy british accent!)
we would like to hire Miss Bliss for a couple of weeks in our company to manage the human ressources.
Looking forward to reading you,
best regards
Pierre Pansiot
PS: a dedicated photo of Miss Bliss would be greatly appreciated!


  • From: Captain Hook & Cy

    to : Mr Peter Panne - aka Pierre Pansiot

    Dear Sir,

    Our firm has been renowned for years for being the most famous headhunter agency worldwide.

    As there has been a leak in your hiring research mail - or should it be a hacker's feat? - it has been brought to our attention that you wrote to the Delavigne Corporation in order that one of their female staffs be commissioned to your office for a fortnight or so. We were really taken aback at hearing it and right up we thought that for your own sake we should get in touch with you.

    We quite understand that you fell for Miss Susan Bliss. She is a little white bird, with a British sensual voice, likely to pump up breast volume at any time, talented on any business achievement and, last but not least, on sex-appeal features. She has got everything needed to be a real mankiller, first and foremost turning on men suffering from Peter Pan syndrome.

    But, Sir, as you told in your so-called job ad letter, you look for a person highly qualified in human resources. Don't you know that Miss Bliss is marketing manager and in charge of public relations at Delavigne? Unlike her colleague Luna Delune who is deeply connoisseur of human skills and souls, Miss Bliss knows next to nothing about human qualities and features. She is pig ignorant about HR. Besides, would you really hire away an employee from Delavigne, you had better do it secretly, for instance by offering them to work at your place for a big packet during their yearly vacation. The Delavigne CEO should stick to the saying: Ignorance is bliss.

    Wouldn't that be a bungle from a honored firm as yours. The best would be that you call in our services. Captain Hook & Cy has in store a bunch of specialists in HR whose resumés could tell you a few things about their experience.
    Our charges would range up to one-third of the first week total salary for the job to be filled.
    Would that suit you, make an appointment with one of our advisers.
    By phone 0032495710371
    By mail
    By post Cpt Hook & Cy, c/o Roman Sartozy, Canal 10, BE6941 Dur-Buy

    Looking forward to your application,
    Kind regards,

    A. Sartozy
    Head of Marketing Department
    Captain Hook & Cy

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