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Statistic question

Hello !
With every lesson it is given as a head line some information about the topical state.
I have closed a question:
"Vocabulary acquired 1521 words"
Although I request constantly for new words, the number of the requested words sinks since some months in this line, although they should rise.
What do I make wrong or how this sum is formed?



  • Sorry, I had a typo, I'd like to write:
    "This might account for an DEcreasing number of acquired vocabulary. "
  • I don't know exactly, I have only an idea and I might right or wrong.

    Maybe the "vocabulary acquired" only encompasses the words you have learned for the long term, that is, it's the vocabulary that is stored in the section "Words to Review Over the Long Term" . Maybe a word is put into that section only after you have remembered it correclty often enough.

    On the other side, as soon as you don't remember a word anymore or remember it incorrectly, it might be downgraded into a lower section (to "Word to Review Over the Medium/Short Term" ) and hence disappears from the acquired words. The might account for an increasing number of acquired vocabulary.

    As mentioned, it's only an idea. But it's had to imagine that you forget a word which you have already remembered a number of times.

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