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Lesson scoring-Philip's Perfect Crime (Scene 2/2)‏:


I've got a correction of my exercise, and unluckily it doesn't reflect at 100% what I sent.
I don't agree with the two wrong words,because I clearly remember writting down "credit" and "refund". I couldn't have written "creditrefund", as this was not among the terms proposed.
Sometimes the Tab button of my keyboard is not responding. I am really sorry for it.

I wanted to share this, for I might not be alone in this case.

Have a nice day!



  • Hi there guys,

    Squadura: Once an exercise has been submitted, I'm afraid we cannot change your score, but rest assured that one or two small mistakes such as this will not have a large impact on your general level. Unfortunately, we cannot anticipate all possible mistakes in exercises.

    Ugoid: Thanks for your comments, which have been duly noted. We always try to make our situations believable whilst maintaing a humorous side to the lessons.

    I hope this answers both of your questions in some way, and on behalf of GymGlish, I wish you both the best of luck with your future lessons.
  • I have had this lesson a few days ago. No problem with the tab button but I didn't like this episode. I have been a sales engineer at a time and I think in real life Philip would have been fired long ago. At Delavigne, he is the sales Director and I do not like the way GG team considers commercial functions and characters.

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