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the same procedure as every year

What is the difference of proceeding(s) and procedure?


  • Actual meaning proceeding and procedure is difference.
  • the meanings of the cognate terms seem partly to overlap:

    to proceed (pro-cedere lat.) means to continue or to go on, fortschreiten, vorangehen (apart from the phrasal turns)

    1.proceeding, 2.proceedings

    a. an event or a series of actions to achieve s.:
    manifestation, procédure, méthode, Veranstaltung,
    b. the process of using a court: procédure j.,Gerichtsverfahren
    c. report: procès-verbal, Bericht, Protokoll

    3.procedure (particular course of action)

    a. procédure, méthode, Verfahren, Vorgehensweise
    b. opération, procédure, Vorgang, Prozedur
    c. procédure juridique, Gerichts-)verfahren, Prozess


    a. a method of doing or making sth. especially one that is used
    in industry: Prozess, Verfahren, Methode
    b. a set or series of things that happen or that are done:
    processus, (Alterungs)-prozess, (Verdauungs)-prozess


    line, group: cortège, faire la queue, Prozession, Zug, Umzug,
    Korso, Schlange, Reihe
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  • From LauraM:
    What is the difference of proceeding(s) and procedure?

    I think"proceeding",that mean:modes of doing something, tasks...
    and,"procedure":that mean:process.

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