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Donna and Watzlawick

In "Donna saves the day", Donna helps Bruno and Horatio : ready to fight, they will finally accept communication. Probably, it is a good illustration of Watzlawick's view; I like the story and the characters but I think Donna behaves in a kitsch style.
Tell me (I am 60) :
- is Watzlawick view still actual ?
- how does it work in your own companies (I am lost in the western france)?


  • That's really beyond me. But I feel that 'just the once won't hurt'. Yes, for once someone is not talking for the sake of talking, be it for practising English.

    Am I to take it that Donna (as spokeswoman of one the GG team writer) has achieved a psychological training and has possibly got a degree in psychotherapy. Why not in Palo Alto?
    Whether Watzlawick's communication theory is still current in psychological milieu, I haven't the finest idea as I for one couldn't say anything about it. I'm nothing but a screwball but I'd be very interested in reading you and other GG learning mates about the basics of Watzlawick's theory.
    You could find plenty of boredom with teaching something from your area of expertise. But you would kill two birds with one stone; first improving your English, secondly revising your own knowledge.

    Please, You Golden GG mate, take me in earnest. Don't let the outstanding threat you started go bust. Give it a long life.
    I look forward to reading you further.

    Additional notes:
    1. If Donna behaves kitshy, she must have been affected by the funny odd atmosphere running inside the GG writers team.
    2. I couldn't answer your last line. As a screwball I couldn't ever succeed in being hired anywhere.
  • Hi, Joe and friends,

    Sure Donna studied in Palo Alto : remember, "Call Donna" is a local program; Just like Icarus I listen to her every wednesday night, when I ca do it.
    You are right, I want to kill two birds with one stone : first, my emplyer pays for my improving ; secondly, I want to have fun doing it, this is my reward.

    Palo Alto's Group teaches in english and investigates (among others) the sourcing of humor. There is no place for hazard.

    Long life to GG Group - Ugoid

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