The Delavigne Corporation

Monkeys, why not geese ?

What a stupid idea using monkeys to test perfumes; I have not heard such a nonsense since Konrad Lorenz's geese. One could ask people in the streets for free. Even virtual firms must obey the rule : maximize sales, minimize costs. Thanks to all kinds of killers, I hope Delavigne's monkeys finish up their life in fur coats and corned-beef cans. I know it, my Father "a mangé du singe" during the first World War


  • Your reasoning looks quite logical, Nego of WW1.
    But there is a hitch. In his lab full of geese, Horatio would be likely to get out in goose pimples.
    More to the point, for nothing on earth would Horatio treat Delavigne's staff to monkeys flesh.
  • What's to be denied? Not gas chambers, just WW1! It occured yet, but nothing to be unclogged. Just monkeys to be shifted onto the table. That's not my job.
  • all right! Joe the plumber, that's common sense and you’re doing your job properly. In firms too, what is clogged must be unclogged so that orders flow from top management down without any loop or feed-back. It is just what is lacking in french management since the Great War. I wish more and more of my compatriots will hear you. They will improve their english… and french companies will make more profit.

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