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it was not just a piece of cake

Hello Everybody,

One of my Hungarian colleague sent us a mail last week about the migration of a tool which was not easy for them because they encoutered somes issues and she conclude by "so, it was not just a piece of cake"....I just want to know if it is an English Idioms or if she translated an Hungarian expression !! In fact, I'd like this idioms so close to our french "c'est pas du gâteau" !!
Could you please help me with this ?

Many thanks and have a good evening


  • Yes, it is an English expression, a British one, to be more accurate. A "piece of cake" is a task that's easy to do, something, that doesn't require many skills or much effort to be achieved.

    In sports, there is a colloquial synomym for it in American English. They call it "a pushover". A "pushover" is a match with a weak adversary, an opponent who has little chance to beat you. When Italy or Brasil plays an international soccer match against Timbuktu, it should be a pushover (for Italy or Brasil).
  • It's a piece of cake. (c'est du gâteau.) If something is easy to do, you can say 'it is a piece of cake'.

    It isn't a piece of cake. (just as you said it, so close to your French.)

    Godspeed, Zenaïde.

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