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About the word "Geek"

Hello everyone!
I would be pleased if anybody could help me to find the exact definition of the word "Geek.
According to the GymGlish correction I received this morning, the word « Geek » would mean “Someone who is passionately fond of something. In I.T. in particular”.
For its part, the Cambridge Advanced Learner's Dictionary gives this (only) definition: “A person, especially a man, who is boring and not fashionable”.
At last, I read that this term also could refer to an eccentric person who has an unusual or odd personality.
Which one is the right one? Are there several possibilities?
Thank you in advance.


  • As far I know, the original meaning of "geek" is a "bore", a boring person. Since types like the computer and IT freaks came up in 70's and 80's, and those guys appeared "boring" to normal people, because the often lacked social skills,didn't care much for communicating with other and didn't like outdoor acitivities like sports etc., the term "geek" has been extended to these computer guys. In the course of time, "geek" has been mostly understood as a synomym for a computer freak, or a freak in general - and the orginal meaning has taken a backseat.

    Nevertheless, the original meaning as a "bore" is still valid.
  • Thank you for these explanations.

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