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Clarissa Hope Hawkins

1 -I am in a great anguish! Who is Clarissa Hope Hawkins what we heard in the "blast from the past" episode (8), just a few words. Bruno seemed very upset. Who is she? The suspense is unsustainable! Is she a female chimp, old Bruno's mistress and is Guiseppe a hidden Bruno's son, grown by Horatio amid his laboratory paraphernalia? Clarissa speaks, but Doctor Badguy is an ape expert and certainly able to teach Clarissa. Nevertheless, I can't think that hypothesis be right. so who is she??? I would be happy to sleep well again...
2 -Other subject: For several weeks, lessons are easier and shorter.
3 -In the statistics, I was quoted "vocabulary 5.5" abruptly I got"3" I wonder the reason why


  • 1 - There is a Giuseppe in the portrait gallery, but Dr Badguy and Clarissa Hope Hawkins are not there (not yet ?). We don't have the same lessons at the same time, so it's not easy to communicate about Delavigne characters. What can be done ?
    2 - I agree : episodes are quite interesting but not long enough, and the vocabulary is sometimes too simple. (in the former item writen by "supernul" I have had to search for anguish, paraphernalia, it's a proof !)

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