The Delavigne Corporation

Meaning of: "Model girlfriend needed to talk."

Hello to everybody.

The quoted sentence is part of the email that is written by Mr. Delavigne on the 7'th day of the story.

I understand that somebody was talking to Mr. Delavigne longer than he expected and had planned in his time schedule. The behaviour of this person is the reason that Mr. Delavigne is late on the appointment with Mr. Warbuckle III.

But who is this person ?
1. Is she a model who is a girlfriend of Mr. Delavigne
(A model, she's a girlfriend of me, was talking)

2. or is the person a girlfriend of a model
(A model's girlfriend was talking)

3. or is "girlfriend" the nick-name of the model
(similar to: "Dog Stinky was always barking" ) ???

If I'm not completely wrong and there is a fourth meaning, is this sentence a short form to describe a relationship or is it a "normal", grammatically correct, sentence ?

Mike (whose nickname is tonalt)

PS: Please feel free to criticize my english text, as much as you like. Any corrections and improvements are very welcomed !!


  • I agree, we should have more information about this person and her relationship to Bruno. Why is this phone call so important ? He should wellcome HPWIII himself for he is a major customer.
  • There is in fact a fourth meaning, which is quite simple.

    A "model girlfriend" is a term for a "perfect girlfriend", a girfriend who can serve as a model, as a flawless sample, virtually the perfect prototype of a girlfriend.

    We can find the same meaning of "model" in the term "model boy",
    a kid which behaves very well, as expected from parents or teachers.

    Or, you can have a "model husband" or a "model wife", a spouse as it should be, but never is in reality.
  • P.S. As you wished to be corrected, allow me to give a hint:

    Instead of "...improvements are very welcomed", it is corect to say "...are very welcome".

    The past participle "welcomed" is used for the passive
    act of "being welcomed", that is "being greeted upon arrival", for example:

    'When coming home from work I was welcomed by my dog.'
  • Special thanks to "September" for both: the explanation and the hint ...
  • oh! I see, one can collect model girlfriends just like model cars...what scales ?
  • You're welcome.
  • Yes, Negoww1, you can model one of your many discarded girlfriends in rubber and blow her up whenever you need it.

    Then, and only then, it's YOUR personal perfect girfriend: She can't answer, can't stand up to you AND is always available.


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