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What on earth is Gymglish?

It takes me a while to get my head around it. GymGlish is another English like Manglish, Singlish, Wenglish, or Spanglish. But where the hell is Franglish? No, this is too Denglish!
Practice makes perfect! In this sense good luck,


  • English is a great language and one of a few where you can create your own verbs / nouns - i recently heard someone say "i don't know the answer so i'm going to "google" it (GOOGLE) - so Gymglish is just the combination of the "GYMNASTC of ENGLISH" which for an English native such as myself is obvious but not at all easy to explain to someone learning the language
  • GYMGLISH... is GYMGLISH ! I cut the word in the middle... And I think it doesn't need more explanation, for it's the beautiful language of this website where every day new words and idioms were born. That's why I understood it at once... without being an English native. And that's why it's so funny, by reading and writing here, to learn and create more and more !

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