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Is there still a pilot in GG plane ?

No answers to remarks, no Joe... or Willy... what happens, May is over, it is still a bit sad in june


  • [...]The nobles and distinguished have left the vessel and left the mob to itself - so that its members may maul each other in envy and hatred.[...}
  • W. was on vacations! What's up dude?

  • Vacations are over. The plane must have landed yet... or did it crash in short final?

    Not at all! It made a kiss-landing.
    Willy is back, tanned and full of beans. He is a the ready to help you, Saïmiri.
  • 3 new words, 1 quote that can be re-used, 3:35 extra-time (to read, write and think in english), this is a bargain !

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