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You crack me up

I would like to know if the expression "You crack me up" (vous me faites bien rire) is mainly used between men, Is it very insulting ?


  • "You crack me up" is not insulting by itself. First and foremost, the expression
    is used to tell somedbody in a causal way that he is very entertaining and makes you laugh.
    When that person is trying to make somebody laugh deliberately (by telling jokes
    for example), "You crack me up" is a compliment.

    On the other side, when a person is funny unintentionally, it's offending to say
    "You crack me up".

    I don't think the expression of confined to men, nevertheless it's rather the expected
    role of a man to be "entertaining" and "funny". Personally, I would be careful
    to utter it to a woman, unless I'm sure that she is likes it. In any case it's a colloquial expression.
  • Great, I could learn a new expression, however, I love idiomatic Expressions. thanks
  • The term, "You crack me up" can have a negative connotation when you don't really find something a person said or did funny and you say it to be sarcastic. Even using the term in a sarcastic manner can be positive if it is with a familiar person and you both understand it is a friendly joke.

    There's is absolutely nothing wrong or offensive when using it (without sarcasm) in mixed company, i.e., with men and/or women present. Just make sure you are coming across as being genuinely entertained. ;-)
  • *There is..
  • I think that the term is not an insult by itself it comes to you the you take it i mean it is just an expression showing how funny is the person entertaining you

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