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Your Perception About Ethiopia

I am from Ethiopia. Since i grew up from many tribal country(about more than 80 tribes), I see living in diversity is bieng lucky. as a result i like to know the culture of others. do you mind for that? if you don't, you are wel come. and the other is, I wonder to know what kind of image comes directly to your brain as you heard a word Ethiopia? please say something honestly. thank you
best wish from the Land of Humanity of cradility!


  • Hi...
    I am from Djibouti... so we are neighboors...
    When I hear about Ethiopia, i really think about your delicious meals...
  • Thank you Oumaz. I just raised this question because most people all over the world thinks that Ethiopia is every time in hunger. some people people think that the people are just as old fashioned as the 19th century, people of the developed countries because they do not know that Ethiopia is the source of human origin, was one of the strong ancient civilization. That Ethiopia has history of 3000 years. the owner of 277 animal species with about 22 endemic, 862 bird species with 28 endemics, the place where the hottest part of the world lies, one of the best country in tourism having 8 Historical and natural sites register by UNESCO as world heritage sites. and other about 10 are under process to be registered. The country that showed construction of terrace for the rest of the world, the birth places of many people that changes the world like Engineer kitaw Ejigu, who had two patent right in Space. and who was the head of the NASA and Eurospace. lots and lots of authors, Musicians.
    Ethiopia is a country that the Lost arc of the covenant, the ten commandments that was given for moses on mount Sinai, is placed.
    more and more.

    Please keep up commenting,
    thank you

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