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summary offences

What's the word for "summary" offences in french ?
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  • I found the expression "summary offences" in my today's GymGlish corrections, explanations for the word "misdeameanor". How come you
    Topic have no response ?
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  • Well, a "summary offence" is also known as a "petty crime", a minor offence, which doesn't require a trial or other extended formalities neccessary to punish a severe crime with imprisonment or a fine. Usually, the imprisonment sentence for a “summary offence” is shorter and limited, to six month for example - and the inflicted fines are lower than those for more severe crimes.

    The sentence for a “summary offence” may be fixed in a catalogue.

    What's significant for the term "summary" is that the proceedings for a "summary offence" are much shorter and with less formalities than those for other crimes. What is a "summary offence" and what is not is handled differently in different countries. You can find a detailed explanation about that topic in the English edition of Wikipedia.

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