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The White Tiger (book)

« The White Tiger » describes life in to-day’s rural and urban India. Many excellent criticisms have been written about it on the net and I agree. One more advantage for a not "fluent english" reader : the vocabulary used is rich and allows discovering new words, while the story is quite easy to understand. No need to open the dictionnary a hundred times to get the meaning … and the pleasure !


  • Yes, I enjoyed reading this book, but I have a problem with Balram : he seems to be proud of having murdered his employer. Is there no other way for him to escape from servitude ?
  • Someone said "this book is amoral"; I don't agree. The narrator describes his acts while coming from "dark" (as a servant) to "brightness" (as an entrepreneur). I see it as a provocation from the author and a main topic on the good and the evil in this world.
  • As I travel quite a lot in France by train, I usually buy english books at the station. A few titles and writers : “Arthur and George” Julian Barnes / “A year in the merde” and “Merde happens” Stephen Clarke / “Twenties Girl” Sophie Kinsella and, of course, “The White Tiger” Aravind Adiga. I don’t want to compare, but I can confess : I’m reading this last book for the second time and have been unable to go further than page 133 for Arthur and George. Is there something wrong, Doctor ?

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