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How can I redo undone parts of my todays lession?

Hello Willy The Security Guard

How can I redo parts of my todays lession? The problem is, that I sent my lesson by accident after I finish approx. 10% of the lession...
This happend the second time. That's why I think gymglish could improve. Why not installing something technical? For instance sending the sutdents a message after they sent the lession by clicking on the send button and asking them "You have not completed the tasks of this lessions. Are you sure, you want to send this lession? Yes/No"

To me, that would be a great improvement.

Or is there another possibility to redo parts of a lession which are undone?

Thanks a lot for your answer,


  • Hello!

    This message exists but only if you're not responding to any question, since some users do not want to answer to all of the questions (the IA engine will take this un-response into account!)

    peace out!

    Note that the unresponded questions won't affect your scoring!


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