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New World, New Challenge....I like it:)

Hello, everybody! May I join you all to improve my English and have fun? My name is Yen, and I come from a beautiful and peaceful in Asia, Vietnam. I love it so much!!! Hope you will...hihi(^.^)


  • Today Asia is the new world, yesterday we called America "the New World". English (Globish, a new esperanto) will allow to understand each other in an open and peaceful world : let us hope...
  • Heloo, evereboby!!!
  • I am russian but i am leaving in France and Marseille
  • Hello I'm Christine and I'm French. As I'm sick I can't go out for 2 days. Today, it's a sunny day. 1C° So much things todo outside . Gardening, biking or swimming.
    And you what do you enjoy doing on sunny days in your country ?
    And you what do you enjoy doing on sunny days in your country ?

    Idling, sunbathing, tanning.
  • Oh Joe !!! How can you ???
    I expected you studying stange studies, reading black grimoires or even, perhaps writing them (Grimoire was told me by Google as a translation of French "grimoire")
    And there you are, thinking of nothing else than idling. Why not Sea Sex and Sun, so low have you fallen !
    But I don't despair, you 'll rise again and will extract you out of laziness to propose us a way to have our brains at work.
  • Sorry for disappointing you, dear.

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